family is a haven in a heartless world ;



one time sophomore year this girl told a boy that she couldn’t go swimming because she was on her period and didn’t have a tampon and he said “can’t you just hold it” and this is why we need better sex education


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visually stunning movies atonement

Lacrosse 101 with Garrett

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Thomas Schaeffer in The Way Home - TWK 1x02 (or a very important gifset of a very important profile).

The thing is…I want to feel this way about you. I love you. I don’t know if I can ever love anyone else.

What is the best way to educate young people? Experiential learning. I think what’s really exciting about that is that saying to young people: this is your world man, take it! take responsibility, become activated, power yourself with information and education. For me, reverence, gratitude, and compassion. If you have these three things, ocean destruction will cease. This is not a doom and gloom scenario, this is a story about hope, this is a story about saving our waters, our oceans, our seas. Just like so we all said, there is no green without blue.